The ZECO team strives for quality service, dependability and to meet all the needs of you, our customers.

With one of the most extensive inventories in the solids and pressure control business, ZECO Equipment technicians can repair equipment on site to save you time and money.

From the moment you hire ZECO Equipment to service your oil rigging, you will see a difference in what makes us more than just equipment rental. In our line of work, there are countless organizations who rent equipment. This often means rigs are faced with the difficult question, if the equipment is all the same, what makes any company different? At ZECO Equipment, we differentiate our services in two main areas.

Custom Rig Outfitting

Every rig we partner with offers us the diverse opportunity to create a Solids Control solution tailored to your needs. From the centrifuges to the hoses and everything in between, with every new project, our technicians spend countless hours assessing then determining your equipment needs. Where many companies offer only one large centrifuge, we always provide two, meaning if one ever needs maintenance, your work doesn’t have to stop as well. Our founder Bill Zimmerman, ZECO Equipment has engineered all our centrifuges in-house, delivering the superb quality you can’t find anywhere else.

Technician Training

We hire the best, and we pride ourselves on this fact. At ZECO, we offer our technicians a higher salary with better benefits to attract the best talent with Solids Control. Outstanding professionals with over 30 years of oilfield experience train our technicians. When our technicians work with you on-site, they are not just passively monitoring equipment but instead they are seeking out problems before they emerge. Their training allows you to spend less time on messes and more time on your job. Our technicians expertise, combined with our unique dual centrifuges means that even if the machinery needs to stop, the work doesn’t.

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At ZECO Equipment, we are only seeking out the best-qualified talent and high caliber individuals. We do this by offering our oil field technicians one of the most competitive salaries in the industry and full benefits. We invest in you because, in turn, we expect the investment towards our customers.

We know if you are going to operate with the best, you have to provide the best incentives. If you are interested in working for ZECO Equipment, click the button bellow to fill out our application for employment. We look forward to hearing from you!