Product features include:
ZECO degassers provide effective degassing with high throughput by means of a unique centrifugal-vacuum design. ZECO degassers are capable of handling high vescosity 20 pound mud with a 50% gas cut. They can draw up to 800 GPM and discharge as much as 400 GPM. The ZECO degassing system is totally self contained on one skid. Both suction and discharge pumps are powered by a single electric motor.


The mud is drawn into the degasser by a vacuum pump at a constant vacuum level and spins in the centrifugal degassing tubes at forces up to 25 g’s. Mud flowing through the degassing tube inlets desperses in thin layers around the tube walls to maximize exposure of the mud surface to vacuum. As the mud spins through the tubes, the lighter, entrained gas bubbles “rise” to the surface of the mud where they burst. The heavier mud is sprayed, with considerable impact, into a turbulence hood, breaking out remaining gases. Gas is discharged through a blower to atmosphere or to a flare line. Degassed mud is returned to the mud system through a specially designed centrifugal discharge pump.