Two Models are available:
The ZECO I (18″ x 28″ bowl)
The ZECO II (19″ x 50″ bowl)

1. Simple compact design
2. Effeciently remove fine solids
3. Unattended operation
4. Low operation cost
5. Low maintenance
6. High reliability
Zeco Decanting Centrifuges

The design of these centrifuges reflects more than 75 years of research, development, and field experience in centrifuging drilling mud. Built to process unweighted, as well as weighted mud. They are rugged user friendly machines designed for reliable operation year after year.

ZECO centrifuges have received many recent design upgrades which include:

-Heavier stainless steel scroll maintains balance better and longer.
-Conveyers use tungsten carbide tiles for superior wear.
-Enlarged conveyor descharge ports.
-Double flight conveyors greatly increases tonnage over single flight models.
-Thicker heavier stainless steel bowl for better balance.
-Adjustable fluid discharge ports on bowl.
-Enlarged solids discharge ports.
-Bowl has wall cake strips to prevent slipping (causing rotating plug).
-Extra solid wiper bars for longer life.
-Gearboxes use bronze bushings (no bearing) for longer life.
-Gearboxes feature internal oil pumps for superior lubrication.
-Designed for greater G-force 1727@2600 RPM.
-Timing belt drive reduces side load on bearings.
-Allen Bradley starters and controls (the best on the market).