Product features include:
Field proven performance. For 30 years the impact, plus turbulence principle of degassing has been proven successful. It employs a simple concept of degassing gas cut mud in a clean, safe and efficient manner.

The degasser consists of a submerged centrifugal pump and an elevated spray tank. Spiral ducting of the pump inlet causes the mud to form a whirlpool above the center of the impeller. Any gas that leaves the mud in the impeller moves to the whirlpool and escapes upward through the pump frame.

The gas cut mud in the impeller flows up through the riser pipe to the spray tank. A disc valve above the end of the riser pipe forms circular orifice which the mud flows through, forming a high velocity sheet. The mud sheet strikes the inside wall of the tank with enough turbulence and mixing to drive the small gas bubbles out of the mud.